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Club Mabel Loyalty Program

Thank you for your interest in our customer loyalty program.

Member Benefits

Club Mabel was created to reward our most loyal Canadian and U.S. customers with a great discount on our products.

How do I join?

Membership is by invitation only to customers who have placed at least 2 orders after April1st, 2012, totaling $150+ before taxes and shipping. Shop as usual and when you qualify, we’ll be in touch!

How do I redeem my Club Mabel discount?

After filling your cart, complete the checkout screen then click ‘continue’. The message: “You are a Club Mabel member! You are receiving exclusive discounts.” will be displayed and your discount applied.

Do I need to enter a code to get my Club Mabel discount?

No, your membership status will be detected automatically, as detailed in your welcome letter. When ordering, simply use the email address and last name appearing in that letter to receive your discount.

How will I know if I received my discount?

The discount will appear automatically in your shopping cart total?

My email address and/or last name have changed. Can I still get my Club Mabel discount?

Absolutely! Please call customer service with your new information.

Can I use an additional coupon/promotion on my order?

No, discounts and promotions may not be combined.

Will I get my discount if I phone in my order?

Yes. Please be ready to supply your email address so we can verify your membership.

Questions? Contact us!

Customer Service will be happy to help you at 1-866-30-MABEL (62235) or

We reserve the right to discontinue the program at any time without prior notice. Existing members who wish to leave Club Mabel may do so here. Please note that you will not be automatically notified should you again qualify for membership and must email us if you wish to rejoin.