Frequently Asked Questions

Customization Questions

I only want purple labels, is that possible?

At this time, we can only produce the labels as they are described. Look out for our seasonal combos which do offer extra design and colour choices and/or let us know what you’d like! We’re always expanding our choices and love feedback.

Can I put extra characters on my label order?

Sure! We can always make room for a few more letters, though please note that the text on the label will be a bit smaller. If our online ordering system is rejecting your extra characters, use the comments box (located below shipping, on the checkout form) to enter any extra text you would like printed on your labels.

Can I get a different icon for each part of my combo?

Due to the nature of our production process, we can only accommodate one icon per combo.

Can I have half of my labels with one name, half with another?

Due to the nature of our production process, we cannot split orders. Consider putting your family’s surname or a phone number on the labels, so everyone can share them!

Fundraising Questions


We offer environmentally friendly – and super easy- online fundraisers. Please see our fundraising page for details.


Label Questions

How do I reuse Date Mates™ ?

Dates written with the supplied pencil wash off in soap and water. The labels themselves are not designed to be removed.

Why are my Iron-Ons coming off in the laundry?

We guarantee that our Iron-Ons will stick through thick and thin; the label should fuse to the fabric and stay put. When this does not happen, it is usually because the iron was not hot enough when the labels were first applied. Try re-ironing them at a higher heat setting, though take care not to make the iron too hot or the Iron-Ons will shrivel. If you continue having problems with our iron on labels, please do contact us!

What is the difference between Iron-Ons and Tag Mates™?

We offer two different kinds of laundry-safe clothing labels: Iron-Ons and Tag Mates™. If most of your garments have the care tag in them, (i.e. the tag with the washing instructions) you will appreciate how easy Tag Mates™ are to use. They peel and stick directly to the clothing care tag and require no ironing or sewing.

For items that do not have care tags (e.g. socks, towels, tagless shirts, etc.), we recommend our Iron-Ons, which are iron-on labels designed to adhere directly to almost any fabric.

Do you make waterproof labels?

Yes! Our entire line of sticky and clothing labels are laundry/dishwasher (and pool and lake!) safe. Please see individual product pages for more information.

Do you make just baby labels and children’s labels?

Our labels are indispensable for everyone! While many of our label designs are geared to little ones, you may opt to not use an icon and/or choose a solid colour rather than a design.

Do you sell camp and school combos?

Our Basic Kit and Big Kaboodle combos may be used alone or together to cover all your labelling needs. In addition, we offer extra special combos during the camp and back-to-school seasons.

Are there differences between solid and multi-coloured labels?

Both are available at the same great price and, thanks to our latest printing technology, both label types are now even more durable, with solid Shoe Labels no longer requiring a clear protective overlay. Design motif choices for both are the same, although multi-coloured labels feature a complementary background pattern. Our combos (with the exception of Loot Bag Combos) are available in either option.

Payment Questions

What is Mabel’s Labels’ product safety information?

Mabel’s Labels are not a toy and should be applied by an adult. All of our products are made with high-quality materials containing no hazardous ingredients. For a detailed outline of product safety information, click here. Questions? Contact us at

I am a customer from the United States, why has my transaction been declined?

Your credit card may be blocked against international transactions. Please call the 1-800 number on the back of your credit card.

Why does my credit card provider charge me a fee when I purchase items from another country?

Some credit card providers in the United States apply a nominal transaction fee to international purchases. While this charge is unrelated to Mabel’s Labels, it often appears on credit card statements as: International Transaction Fee – Mabel’s Labels. This can be confusing for customers and Mabel’s Labels alike.

The transaction fee is not a charge from Mabel’s Labels; it is a charge directly from your credit card provider. If you have questions about the fee, please contact your provider. Still have questions? Please call customer service and we’ll be happy to help!

Shipping Questions

How long will it take for my labels to arrive?

Orders are estimated to dispatch the next business day. Occasionally, during busy periods, 24 hour dispatch may be extended. Please see our Customer Service page, which we keep updated to reflect such delays. To determine the approximate shipping time of your order: add two business days to your order date and then refer to the Estimated Shipping Times chart to establish the arrival time. Questions? Please contact us or try our order tracking tool