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Frequently Asked Questions

Customization Questions

Can I get all of my labels in just one colour?

Labels can only be produced exactly as shown/described. Be on the lookout for our seasonal combos, which offer extra design and colour choices. Also, please let us know what you’d like to see! We’re always expanding our choices and would love your feedback.

Can I add extra characters to my labels?

Sure! We can always make room for a few more letters, but please note that this will decrease the font size on your labels. If our website is rejecting your extra characters, simply use the “comments” box at checkout (located below shipping) to let us know what you’d like added. We’ll respond within 24 hours to confirm your request.

Can I provide my own logo or artwork for my labels?

Unfortunately, we’re not able to accommodate custom jobs at this time. If there’s an icon or design you’d like us to see us offer, please send us your request – we love customer feedback!

Can I get half of my labels in one name, and half in another?

Due to the nature of our production process, we are unable to split label packs into more than one name. The text must be consistent throughout. As a potential solution, consider using your surname or phone number on your labels – that way everyone can share! Another option is our popular Loot Bag Combo, which can be customized with multiple names and icons.

Fundraising Questions

Why can’t I locate my organization’s campaign?

It’s possible that your group has not re-registered on our new fundraising platform, or perhaps they’re not running a campaign at this time. Try reaching out to your captain, or contact us at to double-check. You could also consider running a campaign yourself! That way your organization will benefit from your order, and you’ll be able to spread the word to family and friends! Sign up only takes a minute or two.

How do I credit my order to a fundraising campaign?

Orders are automatically credited when placed through a campaign page. If your captain has shared the campaign link with you, simply follow the link and click on the pink “go shopping” button to place your order. You’ll know you’re in the right place by the tagline at the top of each webpage, identifying your campaign by name. You’ll also see the amount donated at checkout, as well as confirmation of your support at the bottom of your receipt. Not sure what your campaign link is? Click here to search all active campaigns by name.

Can I fundraise with Mabel’s Labels?

Yes, absolutely! We’d love to partner with you in your fundraising efforts. Our super-easy, eco-friendly program is great for schools, daycares, sports teams and other organizations. Parents simply shop for our products online and your group earns 20% in commission. We handle all orders, payments and deliveries. Please see our fundraising page for more details, or to get started today!


Label Questions

Why are my Tag Mates™ falling off in the laundry?

Our Tag Mates™ are designed to stay put and virtually outlast clothing. They must be applied to a clothing care tag (i.e., the tag with the size and washing instructions), and are not guaranteed to stick when placed directly onto the clothing fabric. After applying Tag Mates to the care tag, we recommend waiting 24 hours before laundering. Wondering how to label tag-less clothing? We recommend our Iron-On Labels.

Are Mabel’s Labels products safe?

Mabel’s Labels are not a toy and should be applied by an adult. All of our products are made with high-quality materials containing no hazardous ingredients. For product safety information, click here. Questions? Contact us at

How do I reuse Date Mates™?

Date Mates™ are compatible with any fine point dry erase marker or grease pencil. Simply write on the date, and when ready, wash off with soap and water to reuse. The labels themselves are not designed to be removed.

Why are my Iron-On Labels falling off in the laundry?

We guarantee that our Iron-Ons will stick through thick and thin; they should fuse to the fabric and stay put. When this doesn’t happen, it’s usually because the iron wasn’t hot enough when the labels were first applied. Try re-ironing them at a higher heat setting, and don’t use steam (you may have to remove the water from your iron). If you continue to experience problems, please contact us!

What is the difference between Iron-Ons and Tag Mates™?

We offer two different types of laundry-safe clothing labels: Iron-Ons and Tag Mates™. If most of your garments have a care tag (i.e., the tag with the size and washing instructions), you will appreciate how easy our Tag Mates™ are to use. They peel and stick directly to the clothing care tag and require no ironing or sewing. Please note that they cannot be used directly on fabric.

For items that do not have care tags (e.g., socks, towels, tag-less shirts, etc.), we recommend our Iron-Ons Labels, which are designed to adhere directly to almost any iron-safe fabric.

Do you make waterproof labels?

Yes we do! Practically our entire line of labels is laundry and/or dishwasher safe (not to mention pool and lake!). There are only a few exceptions, such as Book Labels. Please see individual product pages for more information.

Do you make labels for older kids and adults?

Our labels are indispensable for everyone! While many of our designs are geared towards little ones, you can opt to not use an icon and choose a solid colour instead of a design for a more mature look. Also, checkout our latest products for different options! Stylish Scholars Combo, Hockey Combo, Seniors Combo, and Household Labels.

Do you sell combos specifically designed for camp and school?

Our Basic Kit and Big Kaboodle combos are designed to cover all your labelling needs, especially in combination with their various product add-ons. In addition, we offer limited-time combos during the camp and back-to-school seasons.

What is the difference between multicolour and solid labels?

Nothing, other than style! Both are available at the same great price and both share the same amazing durability. Simply choose the look you prefer. Note that solid labels give you the option of no icon.

Ordering and Payment Questions

What is your return policy?

All of our products are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with any part of your order, simply return it to us for exchange or refund (return postage not included). And remember, we’re always here to help! Please contact our Customer Service team if you have any questions or concerns.

I am a US customer. Why do I see two charges on my credit card?

Some US credit card providers apply a nominal transaction fee to international purchases. While this charge is unrelated to Mabel’s Labels, it often appears on credit card statements as: International Transaction Fee – Mabel’s Labels. If you have questions about this fee, please contact your card provider.

Help! Why can’t I add items to my cart?

Like many other online merchants, Mabel’s Labels uses cookies to store items in your cart. Cookies are small text files that contain no personal information. If your cart is empty after adding items, your browser is not enabled to accept cookies. Use a search provider or contact our Customer Service team for help with enabling cookies.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Can I order by telephone?

Yes, absolutely! Call us toll-free at 1-866-306-2235 to place your order with one our helpful Customer Service reps. To check our hours of operation, click here.

I am a US customer. Why was my payment declined?

You may have an international block on your credit card. Although we offer checkout in USD, we are a Canadian company and transactions on our website originate from Canada. Please contact your card provider and ask them to remove the block, even if temporarily.

Shipping Questions

What are your shipping rates?

We’re proud to offer free standard shipping within Canada and the US! For expedited methods, please consult our Shipping Rates and Transit Times chart.

How long will it take for my labels to arrive?

Orders are estimated to dispatch the next business day. Occasionally, during busy periods, dispatch may take longer. After dispatch, transit time depends on the shipping method selected. To estimate delivery date for your order, please consult our Shipping Rates and Transit Times chart and/or visit our order tracking tool.